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Double standards of sex toys, women versus men?

Question by Daren A: Double standards of sex toys, women versus men? Ladies, why is it that when women these days are found to be in possession of sex toys, (IE a vibrator or dildoo) other women just smile giggle and basically accept it. Most men think it’s cool too. But is a guy has a pocket ussy, or other masturbation aid, we are ultra gross and judged. Yet it is all too well known that 100% of guys masturbate. We all do it, but if we involve a toy into the equation we are somehow gross?!?! Women do it and it’s sexy?!?!? I’m a good looking guy, I have girl friends, I get sex regularly, but there are times I just want to pull one off, what is the harm in having a toy to assist me? Best answer: Answer by BigoleChickenButtButtWhooHooboobPull the what off? =o Add your own answer in the comments!

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cheap sexy lingerie, costumes, roleplay?

Question by a: cheap sexy lingerie, costumes, roleplay? Where can i buy these that are cheap and ONLINE please! Somewhere that gives lots of choices-please do not say ebay or victorian secrets! Thanks Best answer: Answer by style.ologyLingerie Diva has beautiful, affordable lingerie and sexy costumes online. Sign up for their newsletter and receive even more coupon codes and discounts! Add your own answer in the comments!

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coupon codes for Sex Toy online Store?

Question by rachel: coupon codes for Sex Toy online Store? Im looking for a site that has like sex toy gag gifts. My friend is getting married, and for the last night party i want to find some funny sex related gag gifts. Does anyone have a coupon code for any of these sites. Best answer: Answer by Sexy Mammayou have so many options. DO you have a local spencers? they have great sex toy gag gifts. If you want to look online try its a regular sex toy website but they do have a section called bachelor items and Bachelorette Items Really very funny stuff might be perfect for what your looking for. The only specials i see was the code “myspacepromo” they seem to have a myspace page and it says their myspace friends get$ 5.00 off order. I really dont think you have to be a myspace friend, i dont think they would check. Just try the code and see if it works. also they have a $ 100 shopping spree on their site. I saw two more sites that seemed good as well. I have to search again. Will post their sites in a ...

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free xxx dvd?

Question by dazimp: free xxx dvd? does anyone know where I can get free full length dvd rips of xxx hardcore. Not limewire or owt though as they are only clips. my wife’s been asking and they are so god damn expensive to buy new lol Best answer: Answer by Joey85Try this one out u need to sign up for it but its free its where i get all my material from good luck mate What do you think? Answer below!

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sex toys for gay people?

Question by alifame34: sex toys for gay people? my mom herad me having sex what should i say she said that she was a little mad but she says it was okay my whole family has no problem that i am gay Best answer: Answer by ponder02Are you gay? What does this have to do with sex toys? Please clarify your question. Give your answer to this question below!

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Question by Ladii D: Vibrators? anyone know of a good online store that has good vibrators? what is the difference between a cheap and expensive one? Whats a good one? is there anything i can use in the house for the time being? no toothbrushes… Best answer: Answer by Irish RoseI actually use a regular massager. Just the small ones with 3 legs. It WONDERFUL!!! Add your own answer in the comments!

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